Harrison Hines

Partner, Argonautic Ventures & Founder, Fleek Labs

Harrison is the founder and CEO of Fleek, a Web3 Venture Studio that has so far created (Dweb developer platform), Plug (Internet Computer Wallet), and Dank (Internet Computer Defi Protocol), among other things. His focus is on building and investing in decentralized infrastructure, products, and protocols, including DeFi, Dweb, and the metaverse across Ethereum and the Internet Computer, as well as at the intersection of those two protocols. Prior to Fleek, Harrison was founder & CEO of Token Foundry, the tokenization arm of ConsenSys, including during the 2017-2018 ICO run. He used his prior experience as an early team member at SeedInvest, a crowdfunding platform birthed out of the Jobs Act of 2012, and applied that knowledge to the token space to bring better standards, transparency, and legitimacy to Ethereum based tokens and token sales. During that time at Token Foundry Harrison helped launch several successful protocols and token projects, as well as work on the Brooklyn Project to help shape regulation around tokens and smart contract-based protocols.