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Industries We Invest In

The future of human health is in prevention, not cures. We invest in teams that leverage synthetic biology to increase our level of understanding of our metabolism, inflammation, the microbiome, and how to regulate each to prevent disease.
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Blockchain & Crypto
As Moore’s Law continues to increase computing power, the market timing is ripe for commercial adoption of decentralized products. This began with early cryptocurrencies and evolved into “Decentralized Finance” (DeFi), which we continue to support. As the decentralized ecosystem organically expands, the “Decentralized Web” (dWeb) is the next frontier of blockchain technologies we will support.
Population size and yield are not linear. This presents an overarching disconnect in the global food supply chain and approach to agriculture. We invest in teams that aim to challenge and correct our existing agricultural norms. We focus on technologies related to yield optimization, crop analytics, alternative commodity production, biological plant and soil inputs, and the disruption of the supply chain.
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Food is health and as our agricultural supply chain evolves to meet impending needs, so does our food technology. Our current food system’s focus on cheap, abundant calories has caused a human health crisis. We invest in teams that produce foods and ingredients that improve human health and taste better than current offerings.
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Construction Tech
Construction is one of the largest global industries that has been late to adopt technology. Technology can be used to improve workflows, communication and various other inefficiencies facing the industry. We focus on technology solutions that provide a tangible return on investment for general contractors, specialty contractors, developers and owners.
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Innovation requires partnership and support. We invest in next generation technologies that push the limits of our society in partnership with visionary founders.
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Cloud Computing
The advent of software-as-a-service (SaaS) remains one of the most disruptive technologies, globally. We invest in cloud computing tools, applications and infrastructure that further enables the adoption of cloud computing solutions personally and professionally.
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What problem are you solving? How does your product solve this problem?
Who is the team? Why do you understand the problem you’re solving? How do you recruit top-tier talent?
What is your product's form factor? What is your product roadmap? How do you prioritize and develop new features?
Who are your customers? Why does the market need this problem to be solved now?
Why and how will you beat the rest? What features do you have that others do not?
Competitive Landscape
Who else does what you do? If you didn't exist, what would customers use?
Go To Market
How do you acquire customers? What channels do you prioritize to identify customers? Is the product self-serve?
Financial Planning
What is your financial profile? How do you measure traction?