Structure & Strategy


Thesis-Based Funds & Best-in-Class Team

We focus on emerging and mature industries where secular shifts are creating new business models that can scale quickly.

Our funds identify opportunities based on investment theses grounded in our domain expertise and experience. We partner with founders leading early-ecosystem companies to run funds leveraging access and control.

Stages of Focus

Deployment Across Multiple Stages

Our early-stage funds partner with companies at the MVP and traction stages of their life-cycle and support them as they find their footing and take off. We build long-term relationships with businesses executing on their vision by participating in subsequent financing rounds and growth initiatives.
Late-Stage Investing
Our late-stage funds enable us to support our portfolio as they raise capital beyond their early stages. Our team’s operational experience supports existing and new investments at every stage. We work with late-stage founders to expand geographically, make key hires and grow go-to-market partnerships.
Liquidity Event: Secondary Markets
The Argonautic mandate around secondary market exits facilitates investment bank and media coverage across Asia for our portfolio companies. Our structure enables us to support our portfolio following a public offering or SPAC merger. We invest in technologies that change the world and access to secondary markets is just another step in their greater evolution.