James Slazas

Venture Partner, Argonautic Ventures
Founder, DARMA Capital, Ex-ConsenSys Capital Founder

James is a co-founder of DARMA Capital, a Blockchain digital asset investment fund and a Puerto Rico Social Impact fund. Additionally, James is the Co-Head of Capital Markets at ConsenSys, one of the largest Blockchain companies in the world. DARMA Capital leverages ConsenSys’ global thought leadership and broad technical Blockchain IP to provide institutional investors professionally risk managed exposure to digital assets. James’ 30+ years of experience started on the derivative exchanges in Chicago and Paris until joining Lehman Brothers, where he managed a proprietary arbitrage book of derivatives, made markets in OTC equities/warrants/options, and created a global risk management group for the Private Client division, encompassing the credit exposure of Lehman’s London, Hong Kong and Swiss banks. Later, James co-founded September Investors, a hedge fund investing in longevity risk through life settlements and premium financing. James advises a broad spectrum of financial institutions including investment banks, regulatory agencies, exchanges, pension funds, and hedge funds on Blockchain strategy.