Keith Smith

Strategic Director, Argonautic Ventures
Atlanta Falcons

Keith Smith is Strategic Director at Argonautic Ventures focused primarily on partnership joint ventures and co-branding opportunities in addition to facilitating the deployment of assets into venture capital and crypto. Keith is a 9-year veteran in the National Football League having played for the Atlanta Falcons, Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. Keith is an experienced investor across multiple asset classes including Real Estate and Private Equity. Keith is a founding member of the Bones Investment Group and was instrumental in the raise and deployment of fund assets into commercial real estate. Bones has invested in over 540 acres of developable raw land with a cumulative market value of over $60M and 4M square feet under development with a market exit value in excess of $600M. Keith is the Founder of the Smith Effect foundation that, through philanthropic efforts and acts of kindness, aims to facilitate positivity with a focus on increasing child literacy. Keith’s long-term ambition is to help educate and create generational wealth opportunities for professional athletes in helping their immediate earnings span a lifetime. He is a strong proponent of the MFGA movement and has a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies from San Jose State University.