Ryan Goldstein

CommerceTech Venture Partner, Argonautic Ventures
Partner & Chief Innovation Officer, AgentRetail

Ryan is an innovator, entrepreneur and leader in the digital commerce industry. He is a Partner and the Chief Innovation Officer at AgentRetail, an ecommerce company that provides retail services and data analytics to brands that distribute online. AgentRetail equips brands, such as Oakley and Giro, with tech-enabled go-to-market strategies to sell digitally. Ryan developed AgentRetail’s CommerceTech solutions to provide insights to brands on their retail partners and online performance. He works closely with brands to leverage and build technology solutions that enable growth via digital commerce channels. Prior to AgentRetail, Ryan founded three businesses, two of which were acquired - one in the eCommerce space and the other in the consumer drone space (drone IP that was purchased by GoPro). His experience as an entrepreneur, operator and advisor positions him well to work with businesses pushing CommerceTech forward. Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management, both from the University of Southern California.